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NOTE:  All prices are based on a $600 Gold Spot, and are subject to change if the Gold Spot Rises or Falls






1969 Date Code.  14K Gold Filled 218 Date Model with leather strap

Runs, but occasionally stops. Very strong and constant hum.  Probably needs a good cleaning.   Fair to Good Appearance.



1970 Date Code.  10K Gold Filled Case and Signed Band. 218 Movement.

Runs good. Shows wear but fair to good appearance.



1976 Date Code (last year??) Base Metal Bezel with 10K GF Signed Band. Day/Date with unusual lined dial and patterned beveled crystal..

Runs, not sure how good. Fair appearance

F388269    (also has PN94924 stamped below serial number)


1969 Date Code.  14K Yellow GF 218 Date Model with used leather strap. Dial has Roman Numerals

Runs Good. Appearance is Good.



1973 Date Code.  10KRGP Yellow Case 218 Date with Speidel Twistoflex Band.

Appears to run good. Appearance is Fair to Good



1976 Date Code.  10KRGP Yellow Case with Leather Strap.  Not sure what the “RR inside a tuning fork (looks like ‘Swissonic’ symbol) “ means. 2180 Movement..

Appears to run good after brief observation. Fair to Good Appearance



1975 Date Code.  10KRGP Yellow Case 218 Day/Date with Leather Strap. 2182 Movement.

Running Good.  Appearance Fair to Good



1970 Date Code.  10KRGP Yellow Case 218 Date with Leather Strap.

Hums intermittently. Probably needs servicing.



1976 Date Code.  New Original Stock - in the original box and  still has sticker on case back (2218Y ACCUTRON).  Has wrong crown




1972 Date Code.  Two Tone GF and Stainless Case and original signed Bracelet. 2182 movement.

Humming strong and running Good.  Appearance is Very Good



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