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NOTE:  All prices are based on a $600 Gold Spot, and are subject to change if the Gold Spot Rises or Falls

This site is constantly being updated as individual accutrons are sold.   

Please be advised that several of the Accutrons listed are in “new original” or like new condition, however, many  have not even been cleaned or polished on the outside of the case and the crystal has not been polished.  Most of them will buff or polish out to a very nice appearance.

Condition descriptions are in my own terminology, and probably do not follow accepted standards.  Additional “more-detailed” images of front, back and side views can be provided on request.  

Prices/values are simply my opinion as to the worth of each Accutron.  In cases where the movement is not humming, or the hands are not moving, I have assumed a buyer cost of approximately $125.00 to have the Accutron “rebuilt” or serviced, and have set the price considering that cost to the buyer.

I will be adding a few watches each day, as I have time to do so.  Please feel free to contact me for more information on any of the Accutrons shown

Although I would prefer to sell all of the remaining items in the collection at one time, I realize that it may be difficult to do so.   Therefore, please feel free to make me an offer on any of the Accutrons as I upload them to this site.    Thanks for looking

NEW Accutron Batteries for both 214 & 218

Call me at 301-980-6929 or email me at Sales@treasuresunlimited.com